We pride ourselves in raising quality warmblood and sporthorse foals with fantastic minds, excellent  conformation and wonderful temperaments. They have endless potential for just about any discipline, and the  athleticism and trainability to take you where you want to go.  We focus our efforts on raising a few exceptional foals each year, and are proud to offer them to approved homes.  Our foals are a result of carefully planned breeding, responsible mare care, a safe environment and daily interaction by knowledgeable, experienced people.  As a result of our efforts, our foals are healthy, happy, respectful and willing.  We occasionally offer our foals in-utero, so if that is an option you are interested in, feel free to email us for more information regarding our in-utero policy.

Foals of 2018

Dam:  Blue Eyed Moksha
Cremello Warmblood Mare
Quintessential GES
Buckskin Warmblood Colt born 7/14/18
Sire:  Quaid
Bay Hanoverian Stallion
Dam:  Blue Eyed Mist
Cremello Warmblood Mare
Wesley GES
Palomino Warmblood Colt born 6/11/18
Sire:  Weltmeyer
Chestnut Hanoverian Stallion
Dam:  Scarlet
Cremello Warmblood Mare
Scarlotti GES
Cremello Warmblood Filly born 5/20/18
Sire:  Mitril
Perlino Kinsky Czech Warmblood Stallion
Dam:  Mystical Note
Cremello Thoroughbred Mare
Never Ending Story GES
Palomino Warmblood Filly born 5/11/18
Sire:  Farrington
Chestnut KWPN Stallion
Dam:  Summer Squall
Bay homozygous tobiano Oldenburg mare
Perfect Storm GES
Tobiano Warmblood Filly born 5/8/18
Sire:  Palladio
Bay tobiano KWPN Stallion
Dam:  Simply Irresistible GES
Cremello RPSI Mare
Paddington GES
Pinto buckskin Warmblood Colt, born 4/5/18
Sire: Pallido Blu CF
Homozygous Tobiano RPSI Stallion
Dam: Ivory and Ice
Cremello Thoroughbred Mare
Chantilly Sunset GES
Half Welsh palomino filly born 3/10/18
Sire:  Clanfair Myrlin
Liver Chestnut, Sabino, Welsh Sec B Stallion
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Foals of 2017

Dam:  Wild Jazz GES
palomino RPSI Warmblood mare
Mouse GES
Perlino Warmblood Filly,
born 6/24/17
Sire: Mitril
perlino Czech Warmblood (Kinsky) stallion
Dam:  Blue Eyed Mist
cremello warmblood mare
Approved Main Mare Book RPSI​
Tinkerbell GES
Palomino Warmblood Filly,
born 6/15/17
Sire: Toronto
bay KWPN/Elite Hanoverian stallion
Dam: Scarlet,
16.3h cremello imported Czech Warmblood mare
Don Gold GES
Palomino Warmblood Colt,
born 6/13/17
Sire: Don Frederico
black Hanoverian stallion
Dam:  Jasmina
cremello Czech Warmblood mare
Painted Jazz GES
Buckskin Pinto Warmblood Filly,
born 6/2/17
Pallido Blu CF
dark bay homozygous pinto, RPSI stallion
Dam: RDA Crema
cremello Thoroughbred mare
Whimsical GES
Palomino Warmblood Filly,
born 5/28/17
Sire: Werbellin
Hanoverian stallion
Dam: Summer Squall
dark bay, homozygous pinto,
GOV mare​
Snapchat GES
Buckskin Pinto Warmblood Colt, born 5/27/17
Sire:  Sagar
perlino, Czech Warmblood stallion
Dam: Mystical Note
cremello Thoroughbred mare
White Diamond GES
Cremello Thoroughbred Filly, born 5/12/17
Sire: Cleverly Concealed
cremello dominant white
Thoroughbred stallion
Dam: ZZ Whiteout
Bay Max Sabino
Thoroughbred mare
Golden Lace GES
Palomino and White Thoroughbred Filly, born 5/9/17
Cleverly Concealed
cremello dominant white
Thoroughbred stallion
Dam: Party Favor GES
dark bay, homozygous pinto, RPSI mare
Spin Doctor GES
Dark Bay Pinto Warmblood Colt, born 5/7/17
Sempatico M
black, homozygous pinto, ZfDP stallion
Dam: ZZ Honey Bee
buckskin, frame overo, Thoroughbred mare
Concealed in Gold GES
Palomino Thoroughbred Filly, born 4/20/17
Cleverly Concealed
cremello dominant white
Thoroughbred stallion
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Dam: White China
cremello Thoroughbred mare
Black Ice GES
Dark Buckskin German Riding Pony Colt, born 4/11/17
Sire:  Belafonte d'Avalon
Black German Riding Pony stallion
Dam: Ivory and Ice
Cremello Thoroughbred Mare
Bentley GES
Buckskin German Riding Pony Colt, born 3/20/17
Sire:  Belafonte d'Avalon
​Black German Riding Pony stallion
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Sire:  Palladio

Bay tobiano KWPN Stallion