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2008 Perlino Kinsky Czech Warmblood Stallion

Click here to see Mitril's 2013 North American 70 Day Stallion Test Video 

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Mitril has received his lifetime license/breeding Stallion Book 1 approval from RPSI and Westfalen NA!!

Mitril is an excellent Czech bred Kinsky (20.31% Kinsky lines) stallion with a great performance pedigree.  Mitril is a true athlete, always willing to work, has fabulous jumping form and very correct, balanced conformation.  Along with his ability to produce golden offspring, he's got a temperament of gold and has a great work ethic!

In December 2013, Mitril successfully completed the 2013 70 Day North American Stallion Test with a very respectable score in an exceptionally tough group of phenomenal stallions!  We are so proud of him, and all he accomplished at the test.  He proved himself to have a phenominal attitude, character and work ethic and remained sound, sane and happy during the incredibly difficult training and immense stress of the test.  Druing the test he showed very correct form over fences with a brave approach and was always confident.  He showed exceptional obedience and willingness in every aspect of training (dressage, jumping and cross country), always maintaining very balanced gaits, rhythm and natural self carriage.

​He was said to be one of the "easiest" horses at the stallion test, and that is testament to his uncomplicated and willing nature.  Mitril is a true athlete, performance horse and willing partner, and we are confident he will pass those traits on to his future offspring!

His sire, Alois, is a very good Grand Prix show jumper (150cm), who won the competition for 6 year old horses in Czech Republic.  Alois' grand sire was the famous Grand Pirx jumper, Alme Z, who was also a prolific sire of Grand Prix jumpers.  Alois is approved in the Main Stallion Book of both SCHCT (Czech Warmblood) and SCHKK (Kinsky) registries.

His dam, Mitra Kinska, was a very good mini-maxi jumper and is 31% Kinsky lines and is in the Kinsky Main Mare Book.  She is by the Polish Warmblood Stallion Burbon.  Burbon is known for producing top show jumpers and eventers.

As of December 2013, Mitril is measured at 163cm (16+h) but has a couple of years left to grow.  Mitril's color genetics are Ee Aa CrCr and is guaranteed to produce palomino, buckskin and rare smokey black offspring.


Mitril's foals are eligible for full registration/pink papers through RPSI and Westfalen NA.


​Special incentives available for premium, elite, and performance mares!

Frozen semen is available as well, so please email for pricing on frozen doses, or check back here on our website for the most current information.  Mitril currently has frozen semen available for US, Canada, EU and Internationally, including Australia.

We also offer special incentives to Australian breeders.  As well, we are looking for someone to represent Mitril to Australian breeders.  Please email for more information.

Look below to see the foals Mitril has produced!

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